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Working with Clients Who Believe that a Different and Better World is Possible

Principles of Work

  1. Working together involves a mutual exchange that necessitates clear goals and objectives.

  2. Initial consultations are required to ensure alignment in working styles and collective success.

  3. Innovation and creativity can best bloom in nourished soil so healthy work boundaries are critical to our work together.


Conferences and Networking Events

Virtual Event Series



Holistic Wellness Sessions for Black Women and Femmes



Community Activations

Creative Direction

Event Production

Bringing your vision to life through a well-crafted event or activation.

Strategy Sessions and Facilitations

Thought-partnership and strategy session facilitations for project development related to community development, sustainability, cannabis or social welfare.

Light Bulb

Project Development Plans

Whiteboarding Sessions

Narrative and Audience Building

Storytelling to deepen impact and increase reach for your project, campaign, organization, business or personal brand.

Open Book

Copywriting Support

Marketing Rollout Plans

Career Transition Coaching

Impact Analysis

Providing research and policy analysis in tangible ways that deepen impact.

Apartment Building

Research Design

Landscape Analysis

Organizational Development

Campaign Design

Thank you for reviewing our offerings. If you don't see the type of services you are in need of or what to schedule a consultation, click the link below. I'm here to support you!


Combining her background in policy, research and strategy with her deep love for event planning and design thinking, Paige Rane produces ideas, spaces and strategies that serve Black communities.

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