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paige rane

Founder & Lead Strategist


“She is invested in the holistic wellbeing and self-determination of Black communities.”

Paige Rane is a strategist and impact producer with a background in social welfare policy and extensive experience in audience building, project development, event planning and facilitation. As a trained ethnographer, Paige Rane values the story and experiences of people while her policy background keeps her focused on innovative interventions that increase equity for marginalized communities. Paige Rane combines her background in policy, research and strategy with her deep love for event planning and design thinking to produce ideas, spaces and strategies that serve Black communities. She is invested in the holistic wellbeing and self-determination of Black communities both domestically and internationally. With a particular focus on the community development, sustainability, cannabis and social welfare sectors, Paige Rane leverages her unique skill set to celebrate Black Diasporic culture and speak to issues impacting her community. 

Who's Vibed With Me


Do You Need A Creative Team?

Paige is a co-founder of The Spoons Consultancy Cooperative. Her involvement with the Cooperative began when it was a community for Black millennial women and femmes called the Life of a Single Spoon. As someone always seeking to foster community amongst Black people, Paige co-created the Spoons community to create digital and in-person space for people like her to just be. In a world that is always trying to come for Black women, she wanted to provide space for Black millennial women and femmes to build community, feel connected and learn from each other. All of those learnings have led to the creation of The Spoons Consultancy Cooperative which is a Black woman-led creative consulting cooperative. Her hope is that Spoons can shift the way we think about work and lead to a cooperative economic ecosystem that directly benefits Black people. 

Whether it's working directly with me or with my Spoons team, we can support your creative growth.

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